> > > Wild Word Worlds: Storytelling and the Living Planet

Wild Word Worlds: Storytelling and the Living Planet

Tutor: Joanna Gilar
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR

Next Start Date: This workshop will not be run in the Summer Term

"We cannot restore the world without restorying the world" – David Abram

This  workshop is an exploration of the relationship between storytelling and the environment. From animal guides to magical plants and enchanted landscapes, we will reflect on the ecological wisdom of ancient tales.  In the morning, we’ll hear and discuss wild stories, ancient tales rich with riddles of the natural world and our place within it. The afternoon will be a space to tell and re-tell those stories, allowing participants of all levels of experience the chance to experience storytelling with and for the living world.

What does the course cover?

The day is an introduction to environmental storytelling. It will provide participants with a portfolio of stories which explore, discuss and celebrate our relationship to the wild. We will explore a variety of tale types, from fairy tales to folk tales to myth. Art and creative writing will be used to allow us to dig deeper into the stories, but the primary craft practised will be storytelling. Participants will have a chance to develop their skills at oral narrative, telling both individually and with a group. The day will build skills in voice, drama and performance, but also offer space for discussion and exploration of the magical role of stories today, hosting a space for discussion of the urgency and potency of story use in relating to our planet.    

Who is the course for?

The course is relevant to anyone with an interest in storytelling and the environment, including teachers, storytellers, and story-enthusiasts. Whether you are building on previous experience of storytelling, or coming anew to the craft, the workshop invites you to come together to explore how to tell tales that restory the world. 

Who is the tutor?

Dr Joanna Gilar has a PhD in fairy tales and ecological storytelling from the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tale and Fantasy. She is currently teaching Folk and Storytelling at the University of Chichester, and working with Sharon Blackie to develop teaching for the Hedge School.  Her recent publications include The World Treasury of Fairy Tales and Folklore (Wellfleet Press, 2016). As a professional storyteller she has been running storytelling and creative writing workshops for ten years, and has performed stories and poems across Europe. She is passionate about telling stories that reconnect us to our places, open us to our others, and re-embed us within our world.