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Internal Qigong Alchemy

Sunday 17 March 2024, 1.30pm to 6pm

  • 4 hours 30 minutes
  • 40 British pounds
  • Brighton Buddhist Centre, Tichborne Street

Description of Class

There is a concession available for this course for people: Under 25, over 65 or in full time unemployment. Concession price will be £30 Please use code: QIG123-3 at check-out. Internal Qigong Alchemy is based on the ancient Chinese system of physical and internal practices which tune us into spiritual (Shen) and vital energy (Qi). Movement sequences, mindful postures and breathwork, known as Qigong, help revitalise our body, settle our mind and embody our spirit. Meditations and internal attunements, known as Internal Alchemy, foster a deeper connection to nature and the Whole. This sense of oneness leads to spiritual and personal wellbeing, enabling us to live in tune with the Natural Way (Dao). The workshop also includes Medical/Healing Qigong practices which cleanse, recharge and heal our body and mind, improving health and wellness. Suitable for all levels Your tutor Amadis had 20 years training with Master Chan, the founder of this spiritual system. Also, years of Internal Alchemy and assorted transpersonal teachings. For more go to For any queries please contact Amadis on 07941 665506 or

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