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Scatting Workshop

Tutor: Mike Potter
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next date: Sunday 10 December 2017


For many people scatting is musical funny noises instead of singing the words. For some it’s a serious business of jazz improvisation. It can certainly be both, but this workshop aims to empower to use it exactly as you please, a tool of pure, direct expression. 

We often make expressive noises in our lives: the satisfied groan after a good meal or the excited cry at the sight of a good friend. A sigh or a sob. These sounds can be a small step away from something musical. We can step out of our preconceptions of what music from our voice should be and just express ourselves without so much as a word in sight.

Louis Armstrong recorded scat for the first time in 1925 and it was a hit. He played with the melody as if playing his trumpet in a soulful and fun way. It sounded as natural as someone humming along or whistling, and the sound has become the epitome of freedom and expression.

About the tutor


´I have often surprised and entertained myself and others when I have uninhibitedly launched myself into a vocal improvisation. I got to that place by knowing the song well enough and cutting loose. ‘I can teach this too if another person is at all that way inclined´ MIKE POTTER 2017


About Mike The Mic

Mike’s secret for the success of his 20-year career as a performer is no secret – it’s the continual nourishment of his core inspiration and staying true to the music he loves. He now has a strong urge to share fruits gained from hundreds of hours in the spotlight and to help others find the truest source and motivation they need to enjoy themselves and go deeper.