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Online Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living (MBCL)

Tutor: Annie Akasati McAuley

Location: Online via Zoom

Next Start Date: Thursday 21 January 2021, 10am - 12pm

Why train in compassion?

In recent years a wave of enthusiasm for mindfulness practice has spread across the globe.  Now a second wave of interest is developing from new research showing that training in kindness and compassion can bring us healthier and happier relationships, with ourselves as well as with others.​

While anxiety and stress are known to have detrimental effects on our immune systems, it is now being shown that positive emotions can boost our body’s immunity. People with greater compassion, including self-compassion, are less fearful and better able to cope with adversity and take good care of themselves.

What can I expect from a compassion course?

The real value in engaging with the 8-week MBCL course lies in the way we work with experienced teachers and others in the group over time to share experience and build relationships.

On this structured, evidence-based course you will discover how positive emotions enhance mental and physical health. You will learn new practices, drawing on the core qualities of mindfulness and using imagination to develop kindness, compassion, joy, forgiveness and gratitude - and the wisdom that goes hand in hand with these open-hearted emotions.

"an essential follow-on from the

8-week course"

​"I loved the more imaginative practices...and looking at the science of our brains: why react as we do to things"

"I appreciated the way the course leaders remained non-judgemental and compassionate throughout"

​"The course allowed me to fill my own cup



Dr Carolyn Drake

Dr. Carolyn Drake Carolyn has been teaching Mindfulness for five years, having trained with the Sussex Mindfulness Trust and the Mindfulness in Schools Project. She was formally a Neuroscientist working on brain development. She has also run her own primary school. She now runs mindfulness courses for adults and children. She has been meditating
for over 15 years.