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Online Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for low mood and anxiety

Tutor: Annie Akasati McAuley

Location: Online via Zoom

Next Start Date: Monday 14 February 2022, 8 weeks, 10am - 12pm

8 week course for stress, anxiety and low mood (handbook and audio recordings included)  

Why train in mindfulness now?
Many of us are finding the continued uncertainty in this time of Covid unsettling. Mindfulness training has been shown to help relieve anxiety, stress, low mood and depression, so this work has perhaps never been more relevant. Sessions include guided meditation, exploration and discussions of relevant themes and support for developing a mindfulness practice at home, to whatever level is appropriate for the individual.  The course leaders have carefully adapted the MBCT course to be suitable for working online, in these challenging times.






"I'm impressed by how well the group works on Zoom" Linda, Brighton 

"I am really appreciating the MBCT sessions...it is having a great positive influence, becoming more aware of my reactions. I look forward to the next session" Len, Eastbourne

"A few years ago I came across this saying: 'if you don't change direction, you'll end up where you're going.'

"That really struck a chord because I was feeling stuck in some areas of my life, doing the same old, same old, too many times.  Same people, same pubs, same drinking too much too often, same dysfunctional relationships, same stupid arguments with family members and so on."

"But what was changing was that deep down I was noticing.  I was noticing that I'd stopped feeling comfortable doing the same old and that I was looking to change.  But how?  Leaving the old behind and opening up and moving towards the new is easier said than done. It's a sticky path and many, many times I found myself going back to the old and familiar, no matter how rubbish it made me feel.  And then I came across Mindfulness and took the MBCT course.  Without a doubt the tools and techniques I learned on this course have helped me along the way and continue to help me in my everyday life in many ways, for I feel better equipped to respond more intelligently to the inevitable challenges that life presents."

"I am more relaxed, less anxious. I drink less, a lot less in fact and I am more discerning about how I spend my time and who I spend it with. If I'm in a situation where I feel uncomfortable I now do something about it, whereas previously I might have forgotten that I even had a choice.  I'm less inclined to worry about what other people may think and a lot less likely to 'imagine the worst'.  Both simply and profoundly, Mindfulness has helped me to begin to turn away from that which no longer serves me and to open up to that which feels more nourishing, more 'me'.  And whilst I still get it wrong some of the time, I'm less likely to beat myself up when I do." Jenny

"The whole course was excellent, well structured. Resources (CDs and workbook) very good. I can't praise the delivery highly enough." Katherine

"I’m able to deal with stress in my daily life more effectively. I have learnt practicial tools which will be helpful over a lifetime for living more effectively." David

Annie Akasati McAuley

Annie Akasati McAuley has been practicing mindfulness for over three decades and has taught mindfulness and meditation since the late '90s in a variety of contexts including courses, retreats and schools. Annie has a background in Buddhist meditation and philosophy, but has enjoyed training more recently to pass on the ancient skills of mindfulness practice in a contemporary, secular context. 

For more details about Annie and her colleague Carolyn Drake, please see https://www.lovemindfulness.co.uk/ or follow them on https://www.facebook.com/lovemindfullness/ for regular mindfulness tips, updates and events.