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Food intolerance & vitamin, mineral, nutritional maintenance and deficiency testing

This is so much more than just a test! You will benefit from Monique’s knowledge and experience as an holistic nutrition practitioner in analysing your health problems and interpreting your test results. The test includes a health and nutrition consultation. Following the test, Monique will advise you on how to eliminate potentially offending foods and help identify any vitamin, mineral and nutritional deficiencies. She will also provide information on safe nutritional alternatives, including supplements, which if followed correctly should aid your body to recovery.

The test, coupled with Monique’s knowledge can help with conditions such as: asthma, allergies, arthritis, bloating, depression, fatigue, gout , hay fever, headaches, IBS & bowel disorders, joint problems, low blood sugar levels, low immunity disorders, ME, metabolic health issues, migraines, plantar fasciitis, PMS and menopausal symptoms, skin complaints, thrush (candida albicans), thyroid, weight problems and so much more. Monique specialises in metabolic health conditions such as fatigue, ‘fuzzy head’, memory and concentration issues, thyroid, adrenal exhaustion, cravings and bowel disorders such as IBS, and candida albicans.

Suitable for adults and children, the test is safe, painless, accurate, non-invasive and provides instant results. Using electro-dermal technology, the sophisticated computerised Asyra system tests biological responses and sensitivity levels for hundreds of substances. These can include foods, toxins, pollens, animal dander, dust mites, artificial additives and vitamins, minerals and nutritional deficiencies.

Cylinder electrodes held in each hand simply take rapid painless readings from several acupuncture points. The test is completed in just minutes. The machine will help to pinpoint foods, allergens or deficiencies that may be causing you problems.

A detailed report is produced at the end of the test, usually emailed.

Monique offers a personalised and professional approach and is passionate about helping others gain optimum health.


"My 10 year old son is feeling so much better and more confident following the food intolerance test and your recommendations, thank you." A client from Woodingdean

"Having had chronic fatigue for a number of years, my energy level has finally started to increase following the food intolerance test coupled with Monique`s advice on diet, lifestyle and supplements. I now have a renewed optimism about attaining a full recovery." Jane from Berkshire


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Holistic Nutritional Therapy

Monique also offers in-depth one-to-one health and nutritional consultations or E-consultations. Holistic health aims to treat people suffering from a range of symptoms that can manifest on a physical, mental and emotional level. The person is treated as a whole, not just as a set of symptoms requiring treatment. If recommendations are followed correctly, the individual can start making their journey to improved health.

Please see Nutrition Therapy for further information.

Health Screening

Monique also offers comprehensive health screening. The health screening system, called Asyra, is a highly sophisticated bio-energetic technology system which can provide a full analysis of the body's vital functions in just minutes. It is regarded as the future of healthcare. Energy medicine is the coming together of ancient Chinese medicine practices and advanced scientific and technological understanding. It complements a holistic health approach by helping to locate causes of common conditions and symptoms.

Please see Health Screening for further information.

About healthy-u-nutrition

Based in Brighton, East Sussex healthy-U-nutrition is run by Monique Kleinveld. Monique is a qualified holistic health and nutrition practitioner, food intolerance and health screening therapist. Her qualifications include Advanced Dip HNP, Dip HNP, Di AIT and Cert NN and she is a member of the Association of Holistic Nutritional Practitioners.

Monique has over 15 years experience of working in the mental health, special needs, counselling, management and health sectors. She was also a qualified accidents and emergencies ambulance woman in Berkshire.

Monique gained a keen interest in complementary medicine including homeopathy, herbalism, acupuncture, osteopathy and Alexander technique because of her own long-standing health problems. These included low immunity, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), headaches, migraines, a broken back and metabolic health issues. Thanks to a nutritional support programme, she was able to take control of her own health and now enjoys better health and an improved lifestyle.

Naturopathic medicine
With the healing power of nature you are coached to improve the quality of your life. The focus is on building health and regenerating one’s self, not simply treating symptoms or disease. We work to strengthen the body’s vital force which then stimulates true healing in the body. We look for the cause and triggers of your symptoms and address this dysfunction through an individual plan that can integrate diet, nutrition, lifestyle, physical movement, nutritional supplementation, botanical/herbal medicine, medical foods, energy medicine and homeopathy.

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Monique Kleinveld - Advanced Dip HNP, Dip HNP, Dip AIT, Cert NN
Member of the Association of Holistic Nutritional Practitioners – www.ahnp.co.uk

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