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Landscape Moves

Tutor: Korina Biggs
Location: Outdoors in Stanmer Park
Next date: Saturday 26 June 2021, 10.30am - 1.30pm - BOOKINGS CLOSED

Do you love being outdoors in nature? This is a unique opportunity to move and express yourself creatively in response to the landscape.

What the workshop will cover

This workshop will support you in becoming more present and receptive through all your senses and give you ways to enjoy following the creative movement impulses that arise through tuning in and responding to the natural environment.

Dancers and non-dancers welcome.

The venue will be fully accessible by public transport.

As this is an outdoors event there is the chance it will be cancelled if the weather is bad.  The tutor will contact you near the time to confirm arrangements.

Who is the tutor?

Korina Biggs MA, MSTAT

Korina was a physical theatre performer with Frantic Assembly for many years and has since been working as an Alexander Technique teacher and somatic movement educator.

She has an MA in Dance and Somatic Well-being and teaches Alexander and somatic approaches to effective devising and performing both in private practice and in several performing arts colleges. 

Her passion is improvisational movement practice especially outdoors both in nature and in urban landscapes.  She belongs to a regular Dancing in Landscape practice group http://dancersinlandscape.weebly.com/

For more on Korina: www.thespaciousself.co.uk | www.korinabiggs.co.uk


'I loved being given permission to 'play' in a relaxed and supported way.
With the support of your gentle guidance I felt 'held' and yet not too directed. 
At the end of the day I felt lighter, softer and more connected. I'd love to do more of this work. '