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Houseboat Wellbeing Retreat

Tutor: Sarah Davies

Location: Sheildsman Ferry, Shoreham

Date: Sunday 10 October, 10am - 4pm *one space has just become available - please call 07305296266 if you would like to attend* (£44 full price & £38 concessions)

Escape from the world of 'normal life' without taking a plane, negotiating a busy airport and join us instead for a day's retreat on one of Shoreham's unique houseboats.

Join Sarah Davies on a playful day out of the ordinary. Expect meditation, breathwork, music, movement, story-telling and co-creation in a female centred space.

Reconnect to you, your imagination and spirit, centre yourself and set some intentions for life going forward.

Sarah is an expert in conscious play, regularly holds women's circles for wellbeing with a light, wise and care-full attention.

Sarah Davies

Sarah is local drama practitioner, theatre-maker, teacher and director. Throughout 2020 Sarah's been facilitating wellbeing, women's circles and playful sessions online. 

She finds a sense of belonging in several magical groups of fabulous beings with clowns, shamans, storytellers, playful beings and women's circles stretching across the globe from Senegal to Norway, across Europe, to Taiwan, Moscow, Guatemala and Texas. There's a curious, soul friend to be found everywhere! Her goal is to open the portal to silliness and play for everyone with an embracing the unknown attitude. She'll unlock ways to quieten your Inner Critic, calm your nerves and make friends with your Self. 
Since arriving on this earth, she's lived in a myriad of places, spoke in different tongues, enjoyed many a good dinner all over the place, taught, learnt, laughed, cried, worried and entertained in a range of disguises and places.

She welcomes you now to sample the warmth of The Village's fire where heart, hearth and health can be found. 

‘Sarah is an expert, confident, competent facilitator who gently steered us through the exercises to find our playfulness. A fabulous way to spend a weekend. Utter joy.’ – JW
'Sarah has a lightness of being. A box of treasures to share and is a wise woman. Joyful. Thank you.' - SO