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Ear Candling

This therapy also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy has its roots in many ancient civilizations.  Ear Candles were originally used in a spiritual context, with this process changing over time to that of a mainly physical emphasis.   The Native American Hopi Indians experience from this practice has influenced the West, making Ear Candling popular in the present day.

Ear Candling works using the ‘chimney effect` where a light suction action draws impurities out of the ear.  This in conjunction with the movement and warmth generated by the flame produces a massaging effect on the eardrum helping to regulate and balance the pressure within the ears and head. The heat produced by the burning candle helps soften the wax, stimulates blood flow, strengthens the immune system’s defences and increases the cleansing abilities of the lymphatic system.  Additionally, energy points and reflex zones are stimulated.

Health Benefits

Ear Candling is a mild and natural alternative to ear syringing.  The heat produced by the candle helps ease pain and discomfort, as well as, soothing irritation. Most of the impurities or deposits secreted during the treatment will be carried away through the ‘chimney` of the candle, although some may be present within the candle’s residue.  The treatment is very successful in alleviating the symptoms of various ear nose and throat problems, such as:


Colds / flu

Glue ear
Hay fever
Headaches /  Migraines
Motion sickness
Sleep apnoea


Ear Candling is a complete therapeutic treatment which is extremely relaxing, de-stressing and pleasurable.  Treatment lasts for an hour, and most conditions would benefit from a course of weekly sessions.  More frequent sessions may be advisable during the acute stages of some ailments.

Each session starts with a consultation covering general health, lifestyle and any specific symptoms or problems. Each ear is treated in turn whilst lying on the couch. A comfortable fit is achieved before the candle is lit and the ear is covered with the therapist’s hands to retain the heat.  This also ensures the candle is kept in place, whilst protecting the ear during the treatment.  Usually a feeling of warmth and a gentle crackling sound as the candle burns down is experienced.  This takes roughly 10-15 minutes in each ear.   After removal of the candle, the area around the ear is worked to assist  drainage of the area. The session finishes with a massage of the face, neck and ears, accesses stress and tension pressure points and stimulates blood flow. Certain areas may be concentrated on depending on each person’s symptoms.

All products used in the treatment are free from animal products and have not been tested on animals, so are suitable for vegans.

Leila Randall IIHHT MHAO

A holistic approach to any form of dis-ease, be it physical or emotional has always been prevalent in my lifestyle.  Understanding the necessity of this attitude prompted me to investigate Complementary Therapies. In 2005 I received my diploma enabling me to practice Ear Candling. I’m also trained in Reflexology, Advanced Reflexology and Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT), Indian Head Massage, Animal Healing and Canine Massage. I have a working knowledge of Bach Flower remedies and often recommend them in conjunction with a course of treatment as they can assist with the healing process. Whilst raising my children, I have practised part time since qualifying in various locations as well as providing a mobile service.


First appointment 1hr 15mins £55
Subsequent treatments 1hr £45

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