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Unleash Your Voice Course

Tutor: Adrienne Thomas
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next dates: Wednesday 26 February 2020, 7pm - 9pm

Learn how to release and express more of yourself through the medium of voice and explore some of the issues which have contributed to the “silencing” of women from all faiths and cultures. Through a series of vocal exercises, together with movement and imagery, you’ll use the power and vibrational energy of your own voice to explore personal potential, to express yourself more fully and authentically, and to give yourself the gift of listening to your own needs. Enjoy the wonderful sounds you create and the feelings you feel in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. For women who want be fully and authentically expressive and creative in all aspects of your lives.

What Does the Course Cover ?

In each session we will be gently guided through a series of vocal exercises which encourage the voice to resonate through the major energy centres of the body. We will work both individually and as a group offering support and encouragement in a  non judgemental space as well as enjoying the wonderful sounds we create and the feelings we feel! We will finish each session with a simple song (although singing is not the main focus)…you may have some of your own to contribute.

Each week will have a specific theme and area of work as we will explore some of the issues of global, tribal, familial and historical which have made a contribution to the “silencing” of women from all faiths and cultures from the very beginning…it’s a fascinating subject and can help us in tracing the origins of our own lack of fulfilment and expression to whatever degree we are experiencing it. We all have a story to tell…..we will all be heard.

Who Is The Course For

This course is for all women from whatever background, who feel they would like to release and express more of themselves through the medium of voice. It is not necessary to have had any previous experience in voice, no sight reading, no need to have a “good” voice or to be able to “perform” or even to sing. Just bring yourselves, loose comfy clothing and a bottle of water.

About Adrienne Thomas

International Voice Practitioner. Vocal and Performance Coach.
Voice Therapist. Teacher. Singer. Writer. Performer.

Adrienne has been working with voice for over 35 years with both groups and individuals. During that time she has developed a method of combining resonant sound with chakra energies , imagery and intuition, which is totally unique. She has worked in this way in clinical and educational settings, tutoring actors, singers and teachers and people who have never used their voices before, as well as offering individual sessions and group workshops in England, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Mexico and America. She continues to write and perform regularly and has just finished writing a book about her voice work which is now available from the shop page on her website both as a hardback and e-book. She also a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners' Network and Hove Stressbusters.                        

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