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Silent Tea Ceremony


Tutor: Paolo Maffei
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next Dates: Sunday 16/07/17 (am & pm)


Tea has been used as a plant medicine since the beginning of humankind, aiding connection and wellbeing. Beauty and purpose abound, if only we can stop but a moment to listen. and tea from ancient trees will graciously help us to do so. Experience the healing that a peaceful mind can bring.


As we drink Tea silently, your mind starts to calm down, and we descend into timelessness. A sense of connection is created between the brewer, the leaf and the Tea.

A Tea Ceremony is an experience words can't quite describe, is it about peace?  Is it about beauty?  Is it about communion with nature?  All of them, and yet none of them describes it completely.


Special Offers:  Book both sessions in a single day and pay
                           £15 / £10 (concession)

                           Book 6 sessions for £60 / £50 (concession)

Phone 01273 204204 to book these deals


About Paolo

Having studied Tea in the UK, Spain and Taiwan with different teachers, and having been a long-term meditator, I bring together the natural-shamanic and the peaceful aspects of Tea in my ceremonies.
Also a contributor to Global Tea Hut magazine, and have led ceremonies and workshops at different venues and festivals (including Burning Man).