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Style Design & Edit

Tutor: Amy Alderson
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next date: Saturday workshop, 23 June 2018

Working with acrylics, as well as other drawing and painting materials (see material list); learn valuable techniques that will unlock the potential of drawing and painting. Various painting subjects will be explored helping students gain confidence in creating pictures.

An exploratory approach is also encouraged, giving you a critically creative environment and a range of skills to begin defining your own creative practice.

We will research composition, style, and colour using postcards, art books and magazines provided by the tutor.

Suitable for all levels.

Materials List


Pencil - 2B or softer


Paints- red blue yellow and white- suggested acrylics - but any other water based paints would be fine.


Paintbrushes - a selection but if you are just buying one then - medium sized soft hair Filbert.


Other materials - optional -

A selection of soft or oil pastels, palette or plate

Also optional - canvas - a cheap one from Tiger or similar.

Wear clothes you don't mind getting paint on!

About the tutor

Amy Alderson is a freelance artist with her own company providing art for film, media, galleries, art spaces and by commission.  She studied art at Hampstead School of Art and St Martins College London and gained a BA Hons in Visual Arts and Dance at the University of Brighton.  She has a strong working knowledge of teaching gained from current role as a further education art teacher and from previous positions including tutoring at Sussex Downs College.  Her commissions include the British Museum, key artist on award winning film- Peter, Praslin Pictures; galleries include the ICA the Naked Eye Gallery and In-house Artist at the Brighton Artists Gallery.

Amy has recently illustrated a book cover ‘Belonging’ available on Amazon.