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Stained Glass Mosaics

Tutor: Ben Conti
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR 
Next Start Date: Friday, 19 January 2018

What does this course cover?

Students are invited to enjoy the use of stained glass in an alternative way. Using stained glass offcuts of a large spectrum of colours we can create something beutiful and different. You will learn how to cut and trim, shape and arange then glue down the fragments of colour and finally grout the piece. Previous knowledge of glass cutting and trimming is not essential.

As the course is only 5 weeks (10 hours) time is of the essence. Students are recommended to arrive with at least one design idea. We will be working on clear glass as this will allow light to pass through to the stained glass. Your finished piece can be hung with a lead frame or rested in a window or lit area (possibley a garden.) The size of the clear glass you will be working on is 254mm by 204mm or 25.4cm by 20.4cm this can be trimmed down to 20.4cm square, or if you have a specific idea that is slightly different dimensions, this is ok, however as this craft is a time consuming process I would suggest sticking to a smaller size in order to finish in the course time.


Who is the tutor?

Ben:  After art collage I trained in cabinet making and then completed two stained glass courses. I have been working with stained glass since 1999. I repair and restore stained glass and also design and make panels for clients. I paint on glass for more expressive pieces and have been experimenting with kiln formed glass also.

I find this craft challenging enough and aesthetically pleasing enough to keep me interested year after year. I love the final effect a piece has. Be it a broken piece restored to its original state or a new creation. There is a magical quality that the glass possesses as it refracts the light differently from day to day with changes to daylight intensity and when seen from one view point to another. It glimmers and sparkles its spectrum as you move.