New term at Evolution Arts

Our new term is well under way, but we've still got lots of great courses and workshops.  We hope you'll find something to do and look forward to welcoming you.

We offer a vast and colourful range of courses, classes and weekend events for adults of all levels who are interested in becoming more creative, healthier, taking part in self-development classes and improving their life-skills.  For more information of what's coming up click here


Mindfulness at Evolution Arts

We’ve got two powerful, healing MBCT  
mindfulness courses coming up, led by our experienced teachers - Taravajra & Kate Gooch. It’s a great opportunity to get real support to sustain and strengthen yourself with this increasingly tried and tested approach.  

Mindfulness is a capacity that we all have to bring awareness to our experience. But with particular attitudes of curiosity but also crucially of care. 

MBCT aims to break negative thought cycles by helping people to spot problematic ways of reacting and replacing unhelpful thoughts with more useful or realistic ones (see below). It is also being more and more taken up by the medical establishment and is now widely used as a treatment of choice, often ahead of medication, for many anxiety conditions from social phobia to post-traumatic stress disorder.

For more information and to book click here


New Drop-in Yoga Sessions!

We're excited to announce that we're starting another Drop-in Yoga Session here at Evolution.

Starting Thursday 15th September, from 12:30 to 1:45 the sessions will be led by Ann Mathie:

My approach to yoga is to use the postures to bring our bodies back to their original and natural state.  I will give clear instructions for individuals, depending on their needs in order to find this equilibrium. 

In my classes we will explore the physical postures, finding a balance between correct alignment and a means to move with intuitive physical intelligence.  There will be plenty of meditative instruction to allow more muscular release in the posture as well as building core strength to cultivate more energy in our lives.  The ultimate purpose of this practice is to unravel the mental and emotional knots in our minds that cause negative behaviour patterns.  These classes are designed to help people find ease in their bodies and hopefully fuel their own passion for freedom.

I have been developing my own yoga practice since 1998.  I study a range of Yoga styles along with traditional yogic texts in order to find the most effective means to health, energy, clarity and happiness.

Full price £8 / Conc. £7