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Short Story Development

Tutor: Pete Maguire
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next start date:  Thursday 12 April 2018

For both new and experienced writers - to explore short stories through class exercises, reading and group discussion.

Over the weeks we will look at story ideas, point of view, dialogue, sentence structures, scene shaping, and plot and character development. The group will be encouraged to finish and share a couple of short stories. As the weeks progress we will expand the key elements of short stories – conflict, story arcs, journeys and endings.

This is a course where imaginations will be fired, work and fun will be had in equal measure, and support given every step of the way.

As always in my classes there will be a lot of writing, sharing and support. There will also be the opportunity to send work to me weekly to be evaluated.

See also our Advanced course starting 01 November 2017

The Cult Writer

Pete Maguire was born in Dublin in 1969. He is the author of the wildly surreal novel City of a Million Dots. Obsessed with the creative process, he teaches and delves into the extraordinary writing minds of adults, home educated and autistic children. He has published poems in various magazines including Bare Fiction and The Honest Ulsterman and short stories in Aesthetica and with Rattle Tales. He has also performed a number of short stories in Brighton and London with Rattle Tales and The Word Factory.

 Pete believes that writing is the finest form of modern magic, a tool to be brandished with wisdom and reckless guile. It is equally the one thing that can cure us and the one thing that can make us sick. Nevertheless, once you step off the parapet of trying, there is nowhere else to be - in the wonder of creation and understanding we become gods and the most perfectly humble, specks of dust.


“I really enjoyed Pete Maguire’s creative writing class. It was always fun, and I learned lots of new techniques to make writing more interesting and enjoyable. He handled the class with charm and gentle leadership. I found him an inspiring teacher"



“Thank you, Pete, for inspiring a disparate group of writers with good humour and ingenuity and encouraging us kindly over five too short weeks.”