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Rewilding The Artist's Way

Tutor: Natasha Lythgoe
Location: Evolution Arts and various outdoor locations
Next start dates:  Monday 24 April 2017

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

  • Rediscover your passion or 'thing'?
  • Unblock some of the barriers you have around doing it?
  • Begin a new chapter
  • Participate in a personal and collective adventure in transformation
  • Explore Re-Wilding and the Arts in nature

Rewilding The Artists Way is a new course drawing on my background in guiding groups in the Arts, The Artists Way and Mindfulness for the last decade. It's primarily a hands-on, experiential, OUTDOORS course inspired by my current training with Bill Plotkin, and the lesser well known but equally fabulous, Annie Bloom.

This ten-week course is an ideal opportunity to explore creativity as an attitude – less in terms of object or outcome – rather as a whole body activity, an experiential participatory-led process or practice, in and with nature. We cultivate a sense of being indigenous to here - our home. We 'keep it local'; creating relationship and community in the broadest sense of the word. And we fold what we learn back into our 'everyday lives', rather than attending a pop up 'peak experience' workshop that leaves you hanging when you return back to the everyday.

This programme includes both lightness and depth. We need to not take ourselves so seriously that we get in the way of our spontaneity and playfulness and risk taking... And we need to take the parts of ourselves seriously that long for depth, meaningful connections and meaningful work. 

You will need a copy of The Artists Way to attend the course, and to get the most out of your attendance you should set aside extra time during the week for assignments. The programme will include a rich mix of nature-based practices combined with The Artists Way. 


Our base will be evolution arts centre and we will meet most weeks at nearby outdoor locations such as New Timber Hill, Devil's Dyke and Stanmer Park. 

LIft Sharing

We will set up lift sharing for those that need a lift to the outdoors locations.


" Re-wilding the artist way" has been fundamentally the most soul nourishing thing I have ever done for myself. It has led me on a journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation and courage. I long for being in the wilderness like never before, and notice the peace and feeling of being alive that it brings me. Natasha is patient, encouraging and very human in the way she leads this course and I am forever grateful to her. “


“ Natasha's course is a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with our creative selves and our natural surroundings at the same time.  Being outside gave the space, for self-expansion needed, to be able to reconnect with my creativity. “


“ Natasha's incredible skills in transformative learning, using a gentle-and-yet-strong approach are so rare, I feel very lucky to have experienced this. “


“ It's completely different to anything I have ever done- and I can't believe it. Nature, I feel is an integral place to creativity and with so much busyness around and everywhere, it is amazing and vital to restore myself through being out and exploring creativity outdoors in the wild. “


“ I find Natasha's artists way Re-Wilding course to be a really interesting concept. There's a peace and openness that you get from studying outdoors that I haven't experienced before. Thanks Natasha “


“ I know that participating in this course is me being in exactly the right place at the right time “


“ It's great to have quality teaching which is accessible and close to home. Natasha is obviously a gifted facilitator. She ran the session creatively with a varied tempo which held my attention and seemed to draw from a wide range of teachings. In just a few hours, I feel re-inspired with my own practice and wanting more of this kind of thing. “


“ Natasha is amazing at what she does. She manages to combine fun with all kinds of ways of seeing into you and getting you to keep your feet on the ground, your head in the clouds, and follow your dreams. “


“ Thanks for this evening. Even though it was freezing cold, it was a magical evening. “


 “ Thank you for a wonderful evening. The part with the trees in the darkness was amazing! It which gave me a much needed nature boost, and a new relationship - with tree. Natasha was knowledgeable, but also relaxed, caring and playful. She held the space and the group with a good mix of strength and flexibility. I have learnt to appreciate Stanmer Park (my local wild space) in a new and deeper way. The feeling and new awareness from this event will stay with me. Thank you. “

" Thanks for EVERYTHING. You've been a truly inspiring, loving, and supportive mentor.  Don't ever stop doing what you do so well. “

About the tutor

Natasha Lythgoe is a professionally trained teacher, a Post Graduate Fine Artist and a Mindfulness teacher. She has taught in prisons, the NHS and has co-led many retreats. She is also an outdoors facilitator trained at Schumacher College. 

I have a passion for workshops that explore deepening relationships – with our selves, each other and our homeland - and how opening to this community can radically shift how we walk through this world. I love to do this outdoors through experiencing play, connecting with creativity, mindfulness and embodiment practices.  

Underpinning this diversity is a strong thread influenced by a care for deep ecology, community and a desire to live a meaningful and connected life.

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