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Preparing for Public Performance

Tutors: Sara Clifford and Mark Wilson
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next date: Saturday workshop, 22 July 2017


What does this workshop cover?

Who do you deserve to be?

This is about the difference between who you might believe yourself to be when standing up and speaking publicilly and who you want – deserve to be.

Through participation in a range of writing and performance-technique activities and approaches to the development of personal confidence, you will leave feeling ready, empowered and equipped with the tools to start sharing your writing. You will work in pairs and small groups, at all times maintaining complete control over how much or how little you engage with the process.


About the tutors

Both Sara and Mark are graduates of the Relational Dynamics 1st coaching training programme. We work with people in the creative field. Our aim is to help you shape your own personal development.

 Sara Clifford is an award-winning playwright and director of her company, Inroads Productions, with more than twenty-five plays to her name. As a lecturer, trainer and coach, she has worked with people of all ages to achieve their goals as writers and practitioners.

 Mark Wilson is a published writer and award–winning theatre director with work broadcast on BBC Radio 4. He spent over twenty years as a drama teacher, developing proven strategies of encouraging reluctant young people and adults towards being the people they wanted to become.

 Further details about Sara and Mark’s work can be found at creativecoacheskms@gmail.com



I highly recommend Sara, Mark and this workshop – Dominique De-Light Director, Creative Future

This was a brilliant course - it was everything I hoped it would be (fun and educational). Sara Clifford and Mark Wilson gave the best of their knowledge and expertise with great humour -wonderful!

I loved it. I started off really anxious and self-doubting. I learnt so much. It was a fun way of learning with new tools and was encouraging and challenging. I went from 'there' to 'here'- a journey on the course.

Really helpful! Learnt skills and received feedback and developed my confidence. Changed my performing life!

Lots of good exercises.  Feedback in small groups/pairs with different partners.  Useful ideas about getting past procrastination.  Well structured.  Relaxed and focussed.  Pat

I liked the structure and the fact we did lots of writing - challenging.  I feel I have learned how to keep going and look at what is getting in the way.  Janet

I liked the mix of exercises and discussion.  Working in pairs, with a different partner each time.  The pace and tips and advice given.  Encouraging and helpful.  Mary