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We offer a vast and colourful range of courses, classes and weekend events for adults of all levels who are interested in becoming more creative, healthier, taking part in self-development classes and improving their life-skills. 


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Poetry Spa Day

Saturday 28 March
10.30am - 4.30pm

with Subhadassi

How much time do you think it would take you to write a poem? Our 'Poetry Spa Day' workshop uses Renga and Haiku inspired techniques so you can create fun and playful pieces in a flash!

Over the course of the day you'll deepen your connection with your surroundings and self in order to feed these elements, effortlessly into your work.

With over 10 years of experience teaching Renga workshops, from the wilds of Northumberland to the thriving centre of Tokyo, you'll be in great hands with our tutor Subhadassi.

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Coming up in April

Starting Monday 13th April

            Mindfulness & the Art of Creativity                        

            Acrylic Painting                                                

            You & Your DSLR Photography                        

            Acoustic Guitar – Beginners                                    

            Hatha Yoga                                                            


Starting Tuesday 14th April

            Pen & Ink                                                           

            Drawing & Painting with the Masters            


            Creative Writing                                                

            Writing Club                                                            


            Hatha Yoga – Scaravelli Style                        

Starting Wednesday 15th April

            The Artist's Way          

            Mixed Media                                                        

            Stained Glass                                             

            Improvised Comedy                                                            


Starting Thursday 16th April      

            Learning to Draw                                                       

            Sketchbooks & Visual Diaries                                           

            Collage & Mixed Media                                                            

            Rosaria’s Dancing For Health                                                    


            Tarot for Transformation                                                                                      

Starting Friday 17th April

            Acoustic Guitar – Improvers                                                

            Stained Glass                                  

Starting Saturday 18th April

            Painting in Oils                                                

Starting Sunday 19th April

            Hatha Yoga & Meditation                                    

Starting Monday 20th April


Starting Wednesday 22nd April

            Street Photography