Hi There 2017ers,

Want to propose a course or workshop? Our door is open.

The uniting thread of what we do at EA is a combination of ethics, process and enjoyment.  This could be very well encapsulated by one, sometimes overused, word - ‘mindfulness’.

In practice, we see our role as mediators between providers and the community at large: we aim to curate and celebrate the amazing resources both bring to the mix.

So, we want you to know that our door is open to your input.

We won’t kid you – it’s always a challenge to make ideas fly. Our selection process is rigorous and our programme is limited. But don’t let this deter you:  almost always, something positive arises from the act of dialogue.

If you like what we’re about and are passionate about what you can offer, why not fill out this questionnaire and contact us, either by email info@evolutionarts.org.uk or phone 01273 204204. Our door is open.

The Evolution Team