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Phone Photography Workshop - The Memory Keepers Edition

Tutor: Juliet Morris
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton & Hove BN1 2LR
Next date: Sunday workshop, 28 May 2017

What does this workshop cover?

If you love photography and want to document your unique journey - those precious, fleeting moments: a growing family; a wedding; a holiday -  then this workshop will empower you to make and present beautiful images without expensive equipment and loads of time figuring out complicated technical information. Learn to use your phone to make high quality images, create a compelling visual narrative and pick up composition ideas, tricks and tips, working in the Arts Centre and on the nearby seafront. 

This Workshop Will Provide:

  • An introduction to visual narrative storytelling.
  • An insight into what makes phone photography so unique and the benefits of being able to shoot edit and share on one device.
  • Introduction to ProCamera App.
  • An overview of the technical basics.
  • exposure, aperture, shutter speed and depth of field.
  • A photo walkabout on the seafront.
  • An introduction to editing on your phone.
  • Our own private Instagram account and Facebook group for the workshop.
  • An E-book covering everything done in the session. + Juliette’s tried and tested ‘Best Apps’ list.

Juliet Morris Photographer

After a film degree and working for six years in feature films I found photography and have been in love ever since. I love photography of all shapes, sizes and genres, with documentary being a long held favourite. What I strive for is to capture moments from the everyday. To tell stories, to preserve memories, to share and connect through imagery.

After a long-term relationship with a medium format film camera, the iPhone has changed the way I work. The possibilities of an iPhone camera and the chance to shoot, edit and share on one device, make working with this new and ever growing technology a passion. And it also fits in with my other day job, being a Mum. When school is out my happy place is around Brighton and the seafront with my kids, going on adventures and finding more moments to capture.

After re-training and gaining a 1st Class Honours Degree in Photography and Digital Imaging, I then completed my teaching qualification. Embarking on a four year stint as course leader on a Photography National Diploma course. These new skills, combined with years in the film industry means that telling stories with images is what I love and what I cannot stop doing.

 I undertook a successful pilot project called 'GROW - The Alternative School Photo Project'. The project was aimed at using the iPhone to shake up the school photo and take beautiful, bespoke portraits of the two hundred children that took part at West Hove Infant School.

Among other accolades, Juliette work has been at the cutting edge of mobile photography in recent years. Her work has been selected for the annual 'Mobile Photography Awards' and her phone images have also been featured in Instagram competitions and for an event in America called Shadow Stories.