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Painting in Oils

Tutor: Juliet Kac
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next start date: Saturday 22 April (Juliet)
                           Sunday 23 April (Julian)

  • Whether you are looking to improve your skills or learn from scratch, these courses cater to all levels. 
  • Learn oil painting stage by stage with techniques like colour mixing, tone and shading. 
  • Unleash your creativity and meet like-minded people in a fun and friendly atmosphere. 

What does the course cover?

Learn oil painting in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. This course is for students of all levels, including complete beginners.  Explore the process of oil painting stage by stage, working with colour mixing and developing technical confidence and creative expression. You will be able to experiment with a variety of approaches and subjects that are of interest to you.

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Materials list: at bottom of page

About the tutor - Juliet

Juliet has an M.F.A in Fine Arts (Auckland University) and a PhD on the relationship between music and painting (University of Brighton). She works as a professional portrait painter and continues to develop her abstract painting. She has many years’ experience in teaching oil painting, printmaking, life drawing and portraiture.

Testimonials - Juliet

I have loved painting in oils for many years. Joining a class with a professional and encouraging tutor has been a privilege and pleasure. Barbara

I love oil painting and feel happy that I'm improving my skill. I am getting closer to freeing myself up from the technical skills so I can express myself better. Anne

Click here for Painting in Oils Materials List - Juliet

Oil Colours

  • titanium white   
  • ultramarine blue
  • lemon yellow (hue)
  • Phtalo blue or  Cyan or Cobalt
  • viridian green (hue)
  • yellow ochre
  • rose madder (quinacridone) 
  • burnt sienna

This is a good basic selection of colours. If you are a beginner, I recommend buying these colours in 38ml tubes of Rowney Georgian Oil Colours. If you have the above colours made by a different manufacturer, they will be fine.

A small bottle of oil paint drying medium like Liquin


• A4 (or larger) pad of Georgian Oil Painting Paper or a piece of any other brand of oil painting paper (A4 size or bigger).


• 1 round brush, size 1 or 2

* 1 filbert brush, size 2 or 3

* 1 flat brush (square ended) size 4 or 5

Other equipment

• low odour thinners for oil colours (from artist’s suppliers) - approx 75ml  bottle, or larger.

NEW ITEM zest or odourless cleaner for brushes, stored in an airtight container (jar with lid).

• two jars with lids (ideally 1 large (jam size) & 1 small (pesto/mustard size). • palette: A4 size disposable tear-off palette for oil colours. Or a piece of melamine roughly A4 size or larger - from a timber yard or DIY shop.

• rags, preferably cotton * palette knife * ruler * pencil * rubber * masking tape

Either WEAR OLD CLOTHES you don't mind getting paint on, or bring an apron or smock to cover your good clothes.

Approximate cost of the items on this list: £40

About the tutor - Julian

Julian Vilarrubi studied painting at the Royal Academy Schools, London where he won the Richard Ford Award for travel in Spain. He has made landscape paintings based on travels throughout Europe and Russia. He works en plein air as well as in the studio and drawing underpins all his work. In the last four years he has been focusing on working from the figure using an iPad and he considers this approach to be as valid as any traditional method. For him the iPad offers a whole range of exciting possibilities for the artist. He lives in Brighton where he works in his studio, undertakes commissions and teaches drawing and painting.

Click here for Painting in Oils Materials List - Julian


A set of acrylic paints or individual colours- 
Cadmium red
Cadmium yellow 
Ultramarine blue 
Titanium white 

Either a set with a range of brushes or 
I prefer the yellow Daler Rowney soft haired brushes in 
- filburt anything from a size 4-10
- large flat head brush (around 1")
- round head (preferably small) 


Masking tape

Optional extras
Canvas (approx 60x70cm)
Rags/ tissues 

Some other materials and paper will be provided for no more than 50p- £1 a session