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Life Drawing on the iPad

Tutor: Julian Vilarrubi
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next dates: Sundays 28 January & 4 February 2018

Drawing and painting in any medium is difficult enough. But to do it digitally? How can we create a meaningful visual response that has feeling on a tablet? Can we draw on a glass surface and hope for a compelling result? The answer is yes. The drawing apps for the iPad have a tremendous array of options and can enable you to transform the way you paint and draw the figure or anything you desire.

This course will cover the skills of observational drawing whilst exploring the potentialities of the iPad. It will introduce you to the possibilities of digital painting techniques using an iPad explaining and demonstrating the advantages of working with the tablet, introducing to you a number of apps and styluses. Using the Procreate app in particular you will work through the possibilities and build up a knowledge of approaches in response to the life model.

The iPad is such a convenient, portable and immediate tool it encourages you to work in the moment from life and the sessions will encompass rapid and longer sustained poses. Through observation of the life model we shall be focusing on the elements and principles of picture making in order to put the app through its paces and discover solutions to the inevitable visual challenges we will encounter.

You will learn about the canvas options, brushes, blending, layers, the colour picker, colour palettes, saving, organizing files, playback and exporting. The principles of drawing from the figure such as measuring, tone and colour will be explained, demonstrated and explored.

"The history of pictures begins in the caves and ends, at the moment, with an iPad. Who knows where it will go next? But one thing is certain, the pictorial problems will always be there -the difficulties of depicting the world in two dimensions are permanent. Meaning you never solve them."

David Hockney The History of Pictures 2016

NB: Please bring your iPad

Suitable for all levels of experience

All iPad paintings are by Julian Vilarrubi.

About the Tutor

Julian Vilarrubi studied painting at the Royal Academy Schools, London where he won the Richard Ford Award for travel in Spain. He has made landscape paintings based on travels throughout Europe and Russia. He works en plein air as well as in the studio and drawing underpins all his work. In the last four years he has been focusing on working from the figure using an iPad and he considers this approach to be as valid as any traditional method. For him the iPad offers a whole range of exciting possibilities for the artist. He lives in Brighton where he works in his studio, undertakes commissions and teaches drawing and painting.