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Into the Deep - Writing With Emotional Impact

Tutor: Umi Sinha
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next date: Sunday workshop 02 April 2017

  • Learn to create depth and emotional impact in your writing

  • Get deep into the hearts and minds of your characters using simple exercises that you can use again and again

  • Using a mixture of writing exercises, analysis and discussion, you will learn new skills and approaches and have fun. 

What does this workshop cover?

Into the Deep is not a ‘how to’ workshop but a workshop about discovery. Often we feel that we cannot write because we don’t have a big idea, whereas everything we need to know is already inside us. This is away of accessing what we already know by giving our imagination and instincts free rein.

Whether you write for yourself or for publication, this is a day where you are free to play, take risks, explore and discover, in a supportive, collaborative and non-competitive environment. 

Into the Deep is about getting to the heart of why and what you want to write.  It is a day of exploration and experimentation, where what you discover could change your whole approach to writing.

About the Tutor

Umi Sinha taught both autobiography and fiction writing on the Certificate in Creative Writing at the University of Sussex for ten years and is now Lecturer in Creative Writing at Brighton University. She has had short stories published in magazines and anthologies and has written children’s historical and mythological comic books. Her novel BELONGING was published by Myriad Editions in September 2015 and was shortlisted for The Author's Club Best First Novel Award, and longlisted for the Historical Writers' Association Debut Crown Award. She also runs her own writing classes and a mentoring service for writers.

For more information www.writingclinic.co.uk

Disclaimer - please read before booking

Please note that this course demands a certain amount of reflection and introspection that some people may find difficult or challenging. You are free to refuse to share your work or follow any instructions that you are uncomfortable with. Please be aware that you need to be responsible for your own welfare. 


Lots of good exercises.  Feedback in small groups/pairs with different partners.  Useful ideas about getting past procrastination.  Well structured.  Relaxed and focussed.  Pat

I liked the structure and the fact we did lots of writing - challenging.  I feel I have learned how to keep going and look at what is getting in the way.  Janet

Lots of exercises, short - yet created ideas to easily take further.  Yet, I would never have imagined writing could be done this way. Natalie

Ideas for coming up with stories using the senses.  Steve

I liked the mix of exercises and discussion.  Working in pairs, with a different partner each time.  The pace and tips and advice given.  Encouraging and helpful.  Mary