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Sunday Evening Yoga

Tutor: Jude Bow & Kay Sharp
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton & Hove BN1 2LR
Next start dates:  Sunday 18 June 2017

  • These courses integrate asanas, breath awareness and quiet sitting with a focus on releasing tension and moving efficiently with minimum effort.
  • Discover how this embodied practise can help reduce stress and anxiety, enhancing your sense of wellbeing.
  • Everyone is welcome, no previous experience of yoga necessary.

What does this course cover?

In this course you will experience an accessible approach to yoga that helps you to feel quieter in your mind by becoming more at ease in your body.

We use yoga postures, breathing and sound to release tension and move away from discomfort.  We develop our ability to inhabit our bodies with greater freedom and choice in life by paying attention the role of gravity, our supportive skeleton and the hidden corners of our nervous system in asana work. By nurturing a felt sense of ourselves in movement and in stillness, we encourage the nervous system to settle and the mind to quieten and be more alert.  

The course will support you in engaging with awareness in your daily life and enhance your capacity to move with ease on and off the yoga mat.


About the tutor

Jude trained as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher with the London Yoga Teacher Training Group, founded by Chloe Fremantle.  She has practised yoga for more than 20 years and her tutors include Lisa McRory, Peter Blackaby and Cara Bowen.  Jude also practised Pilates matwork in London for many years.  Her teaching is creative and non-dogmatic, inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli and Mary Stewart.