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Mindful Eco-Printing with Flowers and Plants

Tutor: Babs Behan (Botanical Inks
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next date: Saturday workshop 25 March 2017

  • Make a length floral dye printed organic British-grown Silk to make a scarf or cushion cover.
  • Mindfulness techniques using creativity and sensuality
  • Contemporary artisan textile craft
  • Luxury sustainable materials inc natural dyes, flower petals, medicinal plants and organic fabrics
  • Learn a new printmaking skill which you can practise again from home with everyday equipment and local flowers and plants
  • Learn about intuitive herbalism and natural dyes


What Does This Workshop Cover?

An afternoon with botanical + mineral artist and mindfulness practitioner, Babs Behan to discover and enjoy the therapeutic art of eco-printing, using healing flowers and plants to transfer botanical inks, to create direct colour and print on cloth.

During the class you will scatter petals and leaves across silk, fasten into bundles with string and steam to release the botanical inks into the cloth. You will learn about medicinal natural dye flowers and plants, how to use the bundle dye technique to create alluring patterns on silk cloth, using a length of organic British-grown silk. You will be guided through the process, using mindfulness techniques to help you to sink into your own creative flow, connect with the natural materials, develop intuitive herbalism skills and find presence and enjoyment in a beautiful, sensuous and environmentally conscious practice.

You will leave with a a natural dye eco-printed cloth to use to make into a scarf or other item, along with the skills to continue to use the techniques from class, back at home with everyday equipment, again and again. You may leave feeling more grounded and connected to Self, nature and inspired by this inspiring, relaxing and colourful process.

Notes: A length of organic British-grown silk is provided and included in the ticket price. More will also be available for additional purchase. All other materials and equipment are also provided. You may wish to bring an apron or wear clothes which you don't mind getting messy, although the only mess will really be vinegar and flower petals and leaves. You may also wish to bring a notebook or camera to catalogue your creative journey. 


About the tutor

As an artisan I have developed ways for using minerals and plant-based materials for making art, textiles and clothing. I craft items using slow processes and find that my creative practice is also my mindfulness practice. The natural materials offer floral aromas, soft textures and vivid colour which can be transportive, while the creative journey offers a channel for processing and transformation.

It's a pleasure to share this experience with others, using locally grown and wild-crafted plants, flowers, natural dye pigments, organic silk and fermented ointments.

I offer a sensual and natural creative process, meditative space and gentle guidance. Along with informative craft knowledge, intuitive herbalism, a beautiful self-love ritual and an inspiring new skill which opens up the landscape with a new form of eco-literacy.

You can see more of my natural dye work at www.botanicalinks.com and at www.bristolcloth.co.uk. My illustration artwork can be seen at www.babsbehan.com.