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Dream Puppets and Animation

Tutors: Jo Wonder
Location:  Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next start date: Weekend workshop, Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 September 2017 

A two day introduction to shadow puppetry using a technique also able to be used in animated film.

 We will be:

  • Sharing dreams and music and turning them into a short poetic sequence.
  • Automatic writing to music.
  • Conceiving a short shadow puppet performance via story board
  • Painting with light.
  • Making shadow puppets.
  • Creating scenery.
  • Puppeteering in a simple shadow puppet theatre.
  • Presenting our work and filming it on mobile phones.
  • Discussing ides for further development of work created in the workshop whether for live puppetry or cut out animation.

About the tutor

JoWonder has received, London Production Fund, Channel 4 Television, and Wellcome Trust sponsorship to develop her internationally award-winning work. She crosses fine art disciplines, with animation, puppetry, performance, and storytelling. An experienced course leader, Jo has delivered workshops for: University Of The Creative arts, the Royal College Of Art, and young people in schools. She has an MA in animation from The National Film And Television School, is a member of The Society for Storytelling, as well as Equity.

 'A lot of jo's work reaches back into some of the stories we heard as children, and further back into our psyches.' INTERNATIONAL TIMES 

For more information see: http://jowonder.com/

For some animation see: https://www.youtube.com/user/jowonder

Materials List

1. A2 594 x 420mm black card. (can get it W.H. Smith)

Get two sheets A3 if you can't get A2.

2.  A small Prit stick

3. Cutting knife suitable for cutting card with extra blades.

4. Pad of A3 tracing paper.

5. Sketch pad any quality paper that you like A3

6. Scissors

7. Fishing line or transparent nylon sewing thread

8. Masking tape

9. Black felt tip permanent marker, eg: Sharpie fine point permanent marker.

10. Tough needles and black cotton to sew through the card

11. Paper fasteners 19mm. (The smaller size, can get at Clarks).

12. A cutting board, however if this is too expensive some tough cardboard to put on the table.

Optional extras.

Short section of some music without words that you like to dream to on your mobile phone or lap top.

Small items that will look good in silhouette and working with light, such as feathers, beads, lace, hand torch or coloured bike light.