> > > Drawing the Sea and Sky in Charcoal

Drawing the Sea and Sky in Charcoal

Tutor: Nic de Jesus
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next dates: Sunday 19 November 2017


What does this workshop cover?

Working both in the studio and outdoors, these workshops are a fabulous opportunity to study the core techniques of this beguiling form with two teachers: painter and draughtsman, Nic de Jesus and the sea itself. In a fun and supportive group, you’ll other encounter the properties of light, the tenfold value scale from white to black, additive and reductive drawing, creating the illusion of form and aerial or atmospheric perspective to give the depth a seascape demands.

All materials are included for this workshop.

About the tutor

Nicolas De Jesus    South African Painter, Draughtsman & Tutor

After honing his craft as a Staff Photographer and Art Director for an independent action sports magazine in his hometown of Cape Town, Nic emigrated to London in 2007. He spent the next few years focussing on photography while nourishing his skills as a draughtsman. Nic now works as a fine artist with a focus on drawing and painting. His work is in private collections around the world.

Nic’s inspiration comes from his adventures in the natural world. When he’s not drawing the landscape, he can be found trail running, paddling the oceans or surfing. Nic continues to explore the wonder of coastlines and it's bordering landscapes for his body of work, Mare Incognitum & Terra Incognitum.

“Infused within me from a very young age, was a deep respect and love for the ocean, it’s coastlines and bordering landscapes. As a surfer, my connection to the ocean is a visceral one. As a result, it’s environment(s) has become a primary focus within my work. ”

— Nic De Jesus


Image by Sean David Tonkin