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Creative Landscape Photography

Tutor: Eva Kalpadaki
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next start:  Tuesday 05 June 2018

What does the course cover?

This is a creative course on Landscape Photography open  to all with or without knowledge of Photography but with an enthusiasm and imagination to create and learn from it.

You will be introduced to various aspects of landscape photography from conventional works to  abstract and experimental ones.

Looking at the work of old masters and contemporary photographers  you will be inspired to create your own photographs responding to the weekly themes.

Each session will consist of a theory and feedback part while the production of photographic work will take place as a homework between sessions to allow you enough time to reflect on the theme and its execution.

What you will need:

- any camera will do including ipads, tablets and mobile phones
- desire to explore a new activity and learn something new 
- open mind to welcome all the new ideas 
- enthusiasm to get creative

About the tutor

Eva Kalpadaki was born in Greece. After she was awarded a Greek State Foundation scholarship she moved to UK to complete a PhD in Arts and Communication at UCA. She is a qualified teacher holding a PGCE teaching certificate from the University of Brighton. She is currently working as a fine art photographer and photography tutor. In her artistic practice she is not using the photographic medium to produce a record and a document of the world, which is what we usually expect to see in a photograph. She is using it to question the nature of photography and to cause a tension in what we are looking at. She is playing between representation and abstraction. She was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2008 exhibition among numerous solo and group shows. www.playingandreality.co.uk

twitter : @abstractionista


Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/eva_kalpadaki/