> > > The Clown and the Comic Feeling

The Clown and the Comic Feeling

Tutor: Ricardo Puccetti  
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next date: Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 April 2018 

The clown is not a character but the dilation of the ingenuity and ridiculousness in each of us, revealing the comic and human inherent to each individual. Each clown is personal and unique. Using a unique methodology developed over 25 years by clown master Ricardo Puccetti and enriched by his extensive experience performing as a clown, this workshop allows those aspiring to be clowns to come into contact with the "stupid and ridiculous" aspects of themselves that are not normally exposed in everyday life. It is an initiation process into the construction of a “body in play”; the discovery of one´s personal rhythm (timing) and an initial contact with each clown’s “logic” – or way of acting and reacting to the world around as well as starting to create the clown figure and the logic for his/her costume. The workshop programme also contains elements of technical training for the actor.

About the tutor

Ricardo Puccetti is a performer, clown and director and founding member of award-winning Brazilian physical theatre group LUME Teatro. Studied theatre arts at the University of Campinas before joining LUME in 1988 under the direction of Etienne Decroux disciple, Luis Otavio Burnier. Continued studying with other important masters in physical theatre, clowning and butoh such as Philippe Gaulier, Nani Colombaioni, Sue Morrison, Natsu Nakajima and Tadashi Endo. Today considered an international reference in the art of clowning and responsible for the development of LUME’s research into the use of the comic body and theatre in non-conventional spaces, he has travelled extensively throughout Brazil and around the world performing solo and ensemble work in over 20 countries, as well as teaching numerous of workshops that transmit LUME’s practices and corporeal-vocal training.  


LUME Teatro |  www.lumeteatro.com.br

Founded in 1985, LUME Teatro has become a world reference in the research of the art of the actor. The company has performed in over 27 countries, spanning four continents and developed partnerships with theatre masters from around the world. Winner of the Shell Award in 2013 for lifetime achievement, LUME Teatro have currently in their repertoire 10 shows in a variety of performative languages including physical theatre, clown, dance, Butoh, street theatre and large outdoor interventions. The company also maintains a strong teaching tradition sharing their extensive research into actor training through workshops, mentoring, technical demonstrations, international exchanges, theoretical reflection, book publications, lectures and itinerant projects that celebrate theatre as the art of meetings and encounters. LUME is also a funded research centre within the University of Campinas.