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Body Massage & Reflexology

I am a holistic massage therapist from Hungary, moved to England in 2016. I have higher diploma in parapsychology and naturopathy, high qualifications in reflexology and bioenergetics and I am also trained in quantum-entrainment, past the basic swedish massage.

With more than 4 years experience in massage and reflexology, I can offer different styles of massage therapies from the most relaxing to the hardest, deep tissue and sports style massages, and reflexology treatment sessions as an alternative or complementary healing method with regular inspections.

For years I was working with a professional nutritionist, I have investigated the most dietary systems, and recognised how much the proper diet can support the healing process about any physical or even emotional and mental conditions. Within my treatment sessions I can give you some basic dietary advices, too.

For the ones, who would need a really gentle, subtle way of dissolving physical problems, emotional concerns, or difficult life situations, I can offer an effective quantum-energetic treatment.


Body Massage (Swedish / Deep Tissue / Relaxing Holistic Massage): £45 / 60min, £60 / 90min

Foot Reflexology Therapy: £55 / 60min initial consultation, follow-ups: £45 / 60min or £25 / 30min


I needed help because of my chronic knee pain and low energy level. The pain was completely disappeared after a session of 10 reflexology treatments. My energy level was increasing during the treatments, despite the higher tension in my work.
- Mrs. John B.

I really love these treatments. It makes me feel relaxed, turns off my mind, and makes my movements easy and airly. I can just recommend for everyone. 
- Margaret D.  45, project manager

Very professional. After the third reflexology treatment my missing periods came back and my lower back pain was eased.
- Jelena K. 35, marketing manager

Thank you for taking away the ache in my lower back. I feel fab.
- Rachel H.

Contact details:

For information and bookings contact David on 


07719 275070

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