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First Nature - Body, Breath & Voice

Tutor: Dan Ewen and Janet Ormerod

Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton & Hove BN1 2LR
Next date

Unfortunately this workshop has been cancelled because one of the tutors is unwell.  Sorry for the disappointment.

Relevant to singers, performers, public speakers and absolutely everyone who uses their voice! This unique and holistic approach to finding authentic voice brings together exercises and understandings common to both the performing and contemplative traditions: liberating body, breath, voice and hearing in the context of developing a compassionate approach to ourselves and the world we move in. This one-day workshop will offer an experiential and transformative taste of First Nature: a journey of exercises, laughter, song, and plenty of good tea and biscuits!

About the tutors

Both Dan and Janet are certified 'First Nature' coaches, having trained for many years in this unique and effective approach to voice and wellbeing. They are both experienced performers in their own right, and bring a wide range of skills and experience to their coaching. For more information about First Nature please visit www.firstnature.org.


“I feel happier and more connected to others.  I felt like I heard a different, beautiful sound resonate from myself – I feel freer.”  

“My body and breathing has changed, my outlook has become much more positive, my compassion to self and others has grown, and above all an amazing voice has emerged!”

“Voice is a reflection of what is happening within us…. The First Nature approach touches and affects each element, the ripple effect re-balances everything.”