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Beginners Chakradance

Tutor: Lesley Hughes
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next start date:  Look out for our Chakradance sessions in the Autumn.

Chakradance is a gentle but very effective healing and wellbeing dance practise for body and soul. It integrates music, spontaneous dance, mandala art and Jungian psychology into the most inviting form of dynamic moving meditation for the purpose of self discovery, reconnection, release and re-balancing the whole energy system. Dancing the seven chakras is like dancing into seven different inner landscapes, each with its own lessons, meanings and stories.  Travelling through the chakras in a darkened candle lit space with eyes closed, you’ll explore instincts, sexuality, power, love, communication, intuition and spirituality. These foundational sessions can be booked individually or many times as each dance is a different experience with fresh insights. No dance experience necessary.


About the tutor

Lesley has been a holistic life coach for 16 years and an advanced Level 3 EFT (Tapping) practitioner.
She is also an actor/performer and has always danced. Last year she discovered Chakradance and trained to become an accredited facilitator because she felt strongly that it has the same transformative qualities that coaching has.