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Writing Your Life

Tutor: Heather Reay
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next dates: 06 & 13 May 2017 - workshop over two Saturdays

Do you want to set out your life for your grandchildren so that they know their roots?  Would you like to tell others what it was like in your day? We all have interesting tales to tell and whether you want to share some memoirs or write a whole autobiography, this is the place to start.
Even if you have never written anything before you
will be able to do this workshop.

We will learn how to free up those memories in a safe, supportive environment. We will explore the past and practise writing about it in the first workshop. Some writing at home will be required ready for the second workshop when we can hear each other's work and discuss the next steps.


About the tutor

Heather is a published writer who has been teaching creative writing in and around Brighton for fifteen years. Her specialities are autobiography and fiction.


Attending these writing workshops has helped me back into writing again. Hasel

The course have me the courage to write my stories.  Heather

A great improvement to my life. Discovering a form of self-expression that, until now, has laid dormant. Steve

I liked lots of hands on work during the actual course hours. Laurie