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Online Weaving With What You Can Find At Home

Tutor: Jackie Bennett
Location: Online via Zoom
Next date: CANCELLED - keep your eyes out for another workshop coming soon

Weave a little woven hanging using readily available materials in your home to make a simple loom. In this online workshop, we will meet on Zoom to share a little weaving time together.  A list of materials to gather together to make your loom and weave on it is set out below (these include scissors, sellotape, string, yarns, sticks and a Plastic food tray, storage box or picture frame).

Having talked you through construction of a loom, we will try simple weaving techniques to create your woven piece. After a time of weaving together, we will look at how to finish off your weaving to create fringes or tassels at the bottom.

Equipment and materials needed:

1.Loom: Plastic food tray (used to pack fruit, veg and meat) or small storage box such as a lunch box or strong, thin-edged picture frame with glass and back removed

2. Sticks x 2 (eg. garden canes, tree prunings, or even pencils, chop sticks, BBQ skewers etc.) length to fit the width of the top and bottom of the box/ tray (2 per loom)

3. Warp: Strong string (coloured garden string is ideal, or parcel string – natural cotton or jute is best), crochet cotton or whatever yarn you have

4. Weft: Wool (such as chunky knitting or carpet wool) and synthetic yarns or string, thin strips of material, cut strips of clothing or plastic, ribbons, etc. – anything flexible and at least 20cm long

5. Sellotape, scissors and ruler

6. Beads or charms for the fringe or tassels (optional)


About the tutor

Jackie Bennett is a tapestry weaver and textile artist. She has been weaving for over 20 years. She teaches and exhibits her work locally and nationally.



 'I really enjoy learning to weave with Jackie. She has lots of knowledge about weaving techniques and is very supportive and helpful. '  Jenny

"I very much enjoy learning to weave with Jackie. She is a very patient teacher and has helped me to have confidence in weaving my own designs, assisting with the design process as well with learning the weaving techniques themselves"  Julie B

‘Thank you so much. I am having great fun with my frame at home’. Mandi

Wonderful afternoon of weaving.  Jackie presented a clear, concise course in weaving as an introduction.  Her in-depth knowledge and expertise and personal style.  Very nice company.  Made the course very enjoyable

Well taught.  Relaxing.  Therapeutic.