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We hope that one of our many courses and workshops will make you feel more alive and more yourself. Our teachers are experts in the arts, music, wellbeing and dance. Boost your creativity, learn a skill, get fit or de-stress.


Ancient Practices for Modern Times


Time Travel & Remote Viewing

On 27 April we have an intriguing day led by Leo Rutherford. Leo leads courses and workshops in contemporary Shamanism. On this day he'll be looking at Time Travel & Remote Viewing. It'll be a day of exploration into abilities beyond the five senses - dedicated to expanding these abilities. Think of the way animals see and hear so much more!

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Urban Photography!

CreatIve Landscape Photography

This course isn't just about sunsets, seascapes and mountains. Think about fantastic urbanscape images too!

The course will provide you with tips and techniques in how to achieve eye-catching compositions of landscape and urbanscape scenes. Taking inspiration from famous landscape photographers you will be guided both in theory and practice to express your creativity and make the best use of your camera.

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Any Time is Tea Time!

May and June is TEA, CAKE & CRAFTS time! Join us for lovely craft activities (on Sunday afternoons) and of course tea and cake.

We've got Pen & Ink, Watercolour, Mosaics, Feltmaking, Photography and much more!



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Harmony Singing

An introduction to singing for all abilities - even if you think you can't sing!  By learning to sing a wide range of musical styles from pop, country, funk, soul and folk, as well as vocal warm-up techniques and exercises, you will as a group, discover the power and beauty of singing together in vocal harmony. Learn a song a week and perform them on the last week – be amazed at what your voice can do!

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